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A comprehensive health screening is a great tool for helping you assess your health.
This package includes a comprehensive assessment of your overall health, using tests that are often ordered during an annual wellness visit to assess common concerns among women.

Price: $250

Fast for 12 hours without food or drinks, except water, before sampling. It is recommended to wait at least 72 hours after you have taken your last dose of a supplement that contains biotin. This vitamin, also known as vitamin B7, vitamin H or coenzyme, is commonly found in products that promote nail, skin and hair health.

What's Included?

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel:

Your metabolism is the key to your health.

Complete Blood Count:

Do you want a clear picture of your health? It all starts in your blood.

Cancer Antigen (CA) 125:

High levels of CA-125 can be an early sign of Ovarian Cancer.

Cholesterol And Lipid Panel:

Are you concerned about your heart health and well-being? Take the time to do what is important.

Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) Test:

Are you concerned about diabetes? This test may help.

Thyroid Stimulating hormone (TSH) test:

THS levels that are too high or too low may be a sign of a thyroid problem.

Why You Should Choose to Test

Heart Health

Women are at the same risk for chronic heart disease (CHD), as men. Women may be more affected by certain risk factors than men. Diabetes, for example, increases the likelihood of CHD in women.

Diabetes Detection

It is estimated that approximately 12 million women over 20 years old have diabetes and 27 million have prediabetes.

Thyroid Concerns

One in eight women will experience thyroid problems in her lifetime.

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Routine blood tests are not only helpful for diagnosing the root cause, but also help your doctor. Physical ailments – They can identify potential problems early. So that prompt treatment can occur, the stages are outlined. Information gathered A full panel blood test can be compared with previous years. Rounds of testing are done to determine how your health changes over time. Contact us at the Wellness Firm now to set up an appointment for your blood test.

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